International Exhibition Opportunity: apexart Franchise Program

 Commenting on the international “art business” franchise model (i.e., The Guggenheim Museum, The Louvre, Gagosian, James Cohan, et al.), apexart, NYC, annually holds a worldwide open call for proposals for curated group exhibitions to be presented anywhere in the world other than New York City.
From April 4 – May 2, 2012, apexart is accepting 500-word creatively written proposals describing your idea for an exhibition.Apply online: winners selected by a “crowd sourcing” method will be in charge of a one-month apexart franchise with an up to $8,000 exhibition budget, an honorarium for the essay and organization of the show, and complete creative control with a few apexart guidelines. We will also provide the necessary guidance and administrative support to make the exhibition happen as successfully as past exhibitions in AmmanJohannesburg,StockholmLos AngelesBangkok, and Mexico City. apexart will also print a mini-catalog in an edition of 9,000 with an essay from the curator that is distributed around the world to more than 100 countries and available online with all contacts, reviews, and press images.The apexart Franchise is an opportunity to bring an idea to fruition in a new place and to confirm that the center of the world is wherever you are.
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