Crate Curatorial Bursary

Application deadline: June 1, 2012

Crate is offering an opportunity to develop an 18-month programme for its project spaces, starting early in 2013.

This opportunity is aimed at artists and curators who have previous experience of curating and coordinating projects and who are happy to self direct a programme and work independently. Crate is a small but ambitious organisation and the applicant needs to be aware of building and maintaining the infrastructure around the organisation – it is a mutually supportive opportunity – you support Crate and Crate supports you. There is administrative support available, and the recipient will also receive the assistance of a recently (UCA) graduated paid curatorial intern, but the entire running of the programme from conception to delivery needs to be self-initiated and delivered.
It is also encouraged that the recipient will help develop the organisation outside of the curated programme, by devising key initiatives with the Crate team to contribute to the organisation’s sustainability into the future.
We will also accept proposals from collectives.

The successful applicant for the bursary will receive a £1000 fee to develop a programme proposal including funding applications, with Crate’s support. The funding applications will include a negotiable curator’s fee as part of the proposed budget. If the funding bids succeed the curator will then deliver the programme.

This is Crate’s third curatorial bursary. Matthew de Pulford’s ‘Bad Translation’ programme ran through 2009-10, followed by Toby Huddlestone’s ‘Exhibition as Medium’ programme, which started in 2011 and is currently coming to an end. Click on the title of each for more detail.

Crate would like to continue the research opened up by these previous programmes, and develop an ongoing dialogue between the space of production and the space of display. To find out more about Crate and its objectives, click here

Please include the following in your application:

– A proposal including the following:
One paragraph detailing previous experience of coordinating/curating projects (including funding application success and working with budgets, project partners/collaborations, ability to work with and mentor the curatorial intern and help develop their project and delivering successful projects)
One or two paragraphs detailing your proposal – you do not have to include a planned programme at this stage, but it is important to include programme ideas, including how you might deliver your programme, who you might invite, any partnerships you might develop, how you plan to promote your programme, an outline budget, etc.

– A current CV maximum 3 pages including a contact phone number and email address.

– 6 images of previous work (jpegs) (curatorial and/or artistic) relating to your proposal. Please only include web-links if images are not appropriate.

– Image list (one sentence describing each of the images)

Those wishing to apply should send their applications to before 1 June 2012 (late applications will not be accepted)



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