NURTUREart – Open Call 2013/2014 Exhibition Season

Open Call for Curators

Emerging independent curators committed to developing their professional practice are invited to submit exhibition proposals for the 2013-14 season. Please note that there is a small stipend plus materials budget available for both curators and artists. The specific amount will be decided based on NURTUREart’s current funding as well as the amount of artists per exhibition.

The deadline is set to February, 28, 2013. All proposals will have to be postmarked to (or before) this date to be accepted and advanced to the selection process.

A panel of respected curators, artists and gallerists will evaluate your proposal and determine who the winners will be. We do this to make sure that as many different voices and points of view are considered, and to give emerging artists and curators the chance to present their work to the attention of indisputable experts in the field.

Past members of our selection panels have included: Jose Ruiz, Raul Zamudio, David Cohen, Cornell DeWitt, Paddy Johnson, Lisa Schroeder, George Adams, Wallace Whitney, Jackie Battenfield, Summer Guthery, Kevin Reagan, Omar Lopez-Chahoud, B. Wurtz, Ajay Kurian, Ingrid Bromberg-Kennedy.

As we did last year, we will organize a Curatorial Workshop, to give you the chance of showing us your curatorial proposal and offer meaningful feedback  BEFORE you send your application.

Curatorial Workshop

On Sunday, February 17, NURTUREart Gallery will host a curatorial workshop to offer feedback and professional guidance to emerging curators interested in submitting a proposal to our current Open Call. A panel of experienced curators will offer their advice on how to fine-tune and (whenever possible) improve the proposal clarity and presentation.

Attendance to the workshop is not required to submit a proposal to our open call, which the postmarked deadline is February 28. However, we strongly suggested that you attend this event if possible. A great idea is only the first step towards a great exhibition. Presentation and clarity of all required texts, documents and images are also important factors. This workshop will hopefully give you the unique opportunity to confront your creative and professional process with those of other experienced professionals, helping you better understand the strengths and eventual weak points of your application.

This years curatorial panel will consist of: Marco Antonini (NURTUREart Director, and independent curator), Jamillah James (independent curator and Curatorial Fellow at the Studio Museum in Harlem),Michelle Levy (Program Director, EFA Project Space) Julie McKim (independent curator and Director of Kunsthalle Galapagos), Rachel Steinberg (NURTUREart Assistant Director and curator of Videorover), and Tom Weinrich (Interstate Projects).

The workshop will begin at 6:30pm, and is scheduled by individual appointment. Each enrolled curator will be given time slots for when they will meet one-on-one with members of the curatorial panel. Enrollment is free and open to all emerging curators working on an exhibition proposal for NURTUREart’s Open Call. If you are interested in attending this workshop, please email with the heading ‘Curatorial Workshop RSVP.’


For application guidelines and additional information, visit


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