Berlin Art Fair B.AGL ART afFAIRs presents an innovative fair concept for Curators

The innovative Art Fair B.AGL ART afFAIRs invites Curators worldwide – Call for Curators

The art fair B.AGL Art afFAIRs promotes curators! Curators are playing an increasingly important role as agents in the global worldwide art market that becomes confusing more and more. They are flexible intermediaries between artists, institutions, collectors, interested people and media.
However especially younger „cultural agents“ are nearly invisible for the public.

This is mainly because they do not have their own real world platforms and that they are depending on intermediaries – but this can be changed now: the independent and open, internationally networking art fair B.AGL Art afFAIRs invites all curators, to present themselves and their artists to the art scene directly – for example as a group on their own, where each participant pays for a small part of the costs. This results in a contemporary, new platform beyond the trodden paths and the artistic mainstream, that has never been seen before.

Together with the cooperation partner ART-fave ( curators can refinance themselves and their represented artists by crowd funding. Curators, who are interested to join, get detailed informations also about special conditions here

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