/ecm call for applications

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/ecm call for applications

/ecm is a two-year postgraduate program at the University of Applied Art Vienna that teaches core competences for working in the expanded field of museums and exhibitions. The aim of this part-time study program is to lay a foundation for research and professionalization within the field of arts and culture. Studying and engaging with related theories enable the participants to develop skills for conceptualizing, visualizing and communicating and realizing projects in institutions and the independent scene. This inter-disciplinary study program focuses on developing, representing and conveying knowledge from a range of fields including art history, cultural studies, philosophy, contemporary art, technology and natural science. An integral part of the program is the completion of a group project linking theory and praxis. Collaborative curatorial research processes lend themselves to learning these skills and provide a field of experimentation for applied curatorial studies. The comprehensive design of this postgraduate study program equips the participants to take on a broad range of challenging tasks one faces when working in the cultural industry. This postgraduate study program culminates in a master of art degree (MA).

/ecm is directed by Martina Griesser, Christine Haupt-Stummer, Renate Höllwart, Beatrice Jaschke, Monika Sommer, Nora Sternfeld and Luisa Ziaja.

The next /ecm study program starts in October 2018. Applications are from now on accepted. /ecm 2018 enrance seminars will take place on April 28th 2018 and on May 5th 2018. B2 level in german and english are requested

Further informations www.ecm.ac.at

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